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flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer

flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer

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Achieve A Visibly Firmer & Lifted Facial Appearance With flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer!

Natalie Sinclair submitted this photo on her journey using the flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer. Congrats on the success!

As someone who has long felt self-conscious about my short chin and especially my side profile for photos, I decided to incorporate the flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer into my daily routine. After using it diligently for just 10 minutes a day, I have seen remarkable results. Not only does my face shape look slimmer without having to do surgery, it also looks more toned and contoured. The transformation is truly impressive and I now take more selfies and like my new face. I have noticed a significant reduction in the visibility of my once prominent chin. This beauty trainer has boosted my confidence!"

“Upon my initial use of the flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer, I must admit that it was quite challenging and tiring. However, my unwavering determination to enhance the shape of my face played a crucial role in adapting to it. Within a few weeks of consistent usage, I began to witness remarkable changes. The loose skin around my jawline noticeably tightened, resulting in a more defined jawline. Undoubtedly, this device proved to be an excellent exercise for sculpting and shaping the face.” - Carolyn Schopman

In just a few weeks, experience the benefits of firmer and smoother skin with the incredible jawline exerciser. Simply use this device in your mouth twice a day, taking a few minutes per session, to perform breathing exercises and give your jaw a daily workout. Witness the transformative effects on your skin, free from wrinkles and with a noticeable improvement.

Consistent use of this technique effectively engages the masseter muscles and stimulates the facial expression muscles, thereby preventing sagging skin and minimizing the visibility of fine lines and prominent wrinkles such as nasolabial furrows and crow's feet.

How Does The flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer Works?

The flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer operates through suction, which works by gently pulling on targeted areas such as the jawline. This pulling force stimulates muscle activation and improves blood circulation, leading to toned and strengthened facial muscles. By regularly using the device, it helps prevent muscle laxity and sagging skin, resulting in a more defined and lifted appearance.

Burn & Shrink Chin Fat

With the assistance of the flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer, you can effectively address loose skin, double chin, and excess facial fat. By engaging in repetitive exercises specifically targeting the jaw and neckline, this device applies resistance to the underlying muscle groups responsible for supporting your face, chin, and neck. As a result, you can sculpt, firm, and tighten these areas, ultimately attaining a desirable V-shaped face and a more youthful overall appearance.

Stimulate & Train Jaw Muscle

Constructed with a sturdy ABS body encased in food-grade silicone material, this double chin remover ensures a safe and odorless experience. The durable nature of the material allows for regular use, enabling you to attain lasting and natural face lifting outcomes.

Endorsed by a Certified Aesthetic Physician

"The flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer is specifically designed to invigorate your facial expression muscles and amplify their cohesion, resulting in a more defined and sculpted look with consistent usage. For optimal outcomes, I suggest utilizing it twice daily and maintaining the routine for a minimum of two months to observe noticeable improvements."

- Dr. Eleanor Madison, Certified Aesthetic Physician

What Makes flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer Be The GREAT CHOICE:

Stimulates and trains jaw muscles to tone, firm, and lift sagging/loose skin

Provides natural facial contouring and lifting effect

Creates a v-shaped face

Burns and shrinks chin fan

Increases skin elasticity, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Provides long-term use for face slimming

Portable, safe to use & travel-friendly

✓ Correct Facial Asymmetry

Here are some of our happy customers:

"I must say, the flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer has proven to be incredibly user-friendly. Its simplicity made incorporating it into my routine a breeze. With consistent use, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in the appearance of my double chin—it has practically disappeared. The best part is that I can conveniently use it anytime and anywhere within the confines of my own home. Slowly but surely, I have observed my face slimming down, thanks to the effectiveness of this trainer. It has truly become an indispensable tool in my quest for a more sculpted facial profile.” - Selene Hamilton

“Having been employed in a profession that requires constant downward gaze, I found myself facing the unfortunate consequence of sagging neck muscles, which in turn affected the appearance of my jawline, making it appear wider. Fortunately, since incorporating the flysmus™ V Face Suction Beauty Trainer into my routine, I have witnessed a remarkable transformation. The noticeable difference is astounding! My facial contours have been lifted, and the overall firmness of my face has significantly improved. This product has truly exceeded my expectations.” - Andrea Faberlle

Usage Directions

1. Position the trainer on the desired target area.

2. Activate the suction.

3. Perform facial exercises by moving your jaw and facial muscles.

4. Start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the duration.

5. Use the trainer at least twice a day.

6. Be consistent and patient with your usage.


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