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LymphaticDrainage Ginger FootPatch

LymphaticDrainage Ginger FootPatch

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Let’s take a look at our two happy customers’ experiences with our product and let us all know their stories!

“It's very important to note, that if you haven't done any type of detox before (or in a long time), to start these pads on a night that isn't crucial you get good sleep. Toxins like to hide in fat and bones, so as you pull the toxins out of hiding (whether through external or internal methods), they often cause considerable discomfort before you feel better. 
Myself, I had seriously swollen legs. As you can see, the right leg is far more serious than the left but both of them look very weird. That's why I always wear a long dress to cover them up but the pain still got me crazy."

"The 1st night I used the pads, I felt comfortable and a bit warm from my feet as the toxins were being pulled from there. The next morning, I saw the patch turn from white to black. That's so satisfying to see."

"I used it every day and a week later, I saw that my legs are slimmer, much less swollen than before. It's great progress."

"By the 3rd week, the foot patch didn't turn black but just a bit grey. I guess it shows that most of the toxins were already gone. As I kept using the pads, I noticed I started sleeping much better; my digestion improved a bit, and I had fewer headaches.
I highly recommend these detox foot patches and others like them.”

--Olivia Marcus—Seattle, Washington

Here are the Key ingredients of LymphaticDrainage Ginger FootPatch:

  • GingerCompounds in ginger have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They may help a person burn fat and regulate their blood sugar. It also contains salicylates, which your body transforms into a chemical substance called salicylic acid. Salicylic acid prevents your nerves from making certain prostaglandins and this eases pain and discomfort. Ginger has a warming effect on the body, it does wonders for the sore and cold feet.

  • Platycodon: Contains anti-allergyanti-inflammatoryantibacterialantimicrobialexpectorant, and immune-boosting properties.  Supports respiratory health, benefits the throat, promotes a healthy weight, and benefits cognitive function.

Special Features of LymphaticDrainage Ginger FootPatch:

  • Improve Blood Circulation and Metabolism - It also enhances blood circulation and stimulates metabolism and burns more fat naturally.
  • Removes Body Toxins - It helps to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body and prevents the harmful effects that toxins can cause.
  • Promote Healthy Sleep and Relaxation - relax your body and provide a good quality of sleep.
  • Made of Natural Ingredients - formulated with natural plant ingredients and other safe extracts.
  • Helps activating cells, relieving fatigue, possessing better quality of sleep, promote wellness
  • Promote blood circulation, make skin rosy, fresh and energetic!

How to Use

  1. Remove adhesive film from the patch.

  2. Place each patch at the bottom middle of your foot.

  3. Remove the patch in the morning.

Each product included: 1pack (10pcs)

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