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Lashiology™ Eyelash Growth Serum

Lashiology™ Eyelash Growth Serum

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Let’s See Our Satisfied Customers’ Extra Long Fluttery Lashes Only With The Use Of Rapid Eyelash Growth Serum!

Samantha Perry, 39, San Diego, California ★★★★★

“I’ve had an awkwardly short, stubby lashes my whole life that makes me so self-conscious. It was really disheartening that even the boys I knew had longer beautiful eyelashes than mine so I opted to apply multiple coats of mascara each time just for my lashes to appear long. But because of it, I always had a hard time removing the mascara and what's worse is that it ends up with my lashes falling off without fail. A coworker of mine had recommended this rapid eyelash growth serum, and after reading its wonderful customer reviews I decided to test it out myself! I’m pleasantly surprised with how fast it works that in only a few days I already saw multiple new growths on my lash line. For each day my lashes are growing longer and fuller! Not gonna lie, it really exceeded my expectations with how good the results are. I even notice how my eyelashes feel so strengthened that they do not fall out anymore unlike before. I’ve started using this for only a little month ago and yet my lashes right now are looking so healthy and longer than ever in my entire life. I don’t even need mascara anymore to fake its appearance! I’m so in love with this product, I even recommended it with my mom who’s having the same problem as mine. The perfect game-changer!”

Kennedy Johnson, 28, Orlando, Florida

“I've never been blessed with long eyelashes, but in my 50s, I’ve noticed more and more lashes are falling off and it's now looking alarmingly sparser and thinner than ever. In desperation of making my lashes intact and finally longer, I’ve applied multiple serums already that say to help with my problems. But not even one of them worked until this rapid eyelash growth serum! Just a week after using this product, I could already see a big difference unlike with the other products that I’ve used before. It perfectly fills in the sparse in my lash line with new growths. I even noticed how my damaged lashes also felt more stronger and restored. In just about a few weeks my eyelashes are now significantly longer and thicker than they ever were. Not only that, but I never even get nasty lashes fallouts anymore even when I shower or cleanse my face. This is the only product that really delivers well on their promises and I’d proudly recommend this to anyone. 5/5! Already bought a new one and will continue to use it.”

What Causes Thin, Sparsing Eyelashes?

An eyelashes or also known as lashes, are one of the shortest wisp of hairs in the body that grows and line along the edge of your top and bottom eyelid. Each day, eyelashes lose between one to five, as just like the hair on the head, they grow, fall out, and regrow again as part of the natural cycle for every 6 to 10 weeks. However, sudden and extreme fallouts with little to no replacement may be a sign of something more serious that affects or interferes with the stages of hair production. Thus, leading to unwanted thinning and temporary or permanent lash-loss with your lash line looking sparse or completely bald. Some of the common causes of eyelash shedding includes bad beauty habits (leaving eye makeup, constant using and removing of lash extensions), cosmetic irritations, excessive rubbing, aging, medication, alopecia areata, and other medical conditions. 

Eyelashes naturally grow in a three-phase cycle which are called the anagen phase (growing stage), catagen phase (degradation stage), and telogen phase (resting stage). Keeping the lash-follicles healthy with proper nutrition and protection can impact the speed and time for them to grow and regrow. It makes the anagen phase to last longer for a more naturally lengthened and fuller fluttery lashes. Moreover, eyelashes are one of the most essential parts of facial beauty and they also operate as the first line of defense for your eyes. Allowing them to block every airborne debris, dust, lint, sand, and other foreign irritants from reaching your delicate eyes that might obstruct vision or worse, cause infection or injury. This is why we introduce rapid eyelash growth serum! A highly-effective remedy to treat lost lashes and actively help each existing strand grow longer and thicker in no time! 

Get That Gorgeously Longer and Thicker Lashes Of Your Dreams In Just A Swipe Away And Learn More About Rapid Eyelash Growth Serum!

This ultimate serum is professionally blended with multiple lash-lengthening ingredients that works actively to get that promise sky-high, fuller lashes in a blink. It penetrates deeply to activate each hair bulb from their rest and effectively feeds lashes from root to tip with proper nutrients. Encouraging a faster growth and regrowth while enabling a prolonged anagen stage for a more longer and thickened lash appearance.

In addition, the serum even promotes an improved blood circulation that helps to nourish each lash to keep them strengthened and free from breakage and damages. Preventing further lash shedding and thinning that leads to unwanted sparse look.  

The lash growth serum also packs a punch in moisturizing ingredients that effectively traps in much-needed water to your lashes. Supporting a well-hydrated, healthier lashes and a stronger lash line foundation to grow on. Moreover, it creates a smoother and softer texture appearance to your lashes with an additional gorgeous shine. Making your eyelashes more refreshed and perfectly defined which would surely catch everyone’s eye. This lash lengthening serum is safe and gentle to use for all and it can even work for treating thinning eyebrows and balding hairline. Achieve a noticeably thicker, longer, and glossier eyelashes for as fast as 8 weeks or less with just a consistent, daily strokes of our lash growth serum! 

Key Lash-reviving Ingredients:

  • Butylene Glycol
    An excellent humectant, emollient, and antimicrobial agent that perfectly conditions and protects the lashes. It successfully coats each strand of lashes and successfully binds water in to strengthen and shield them against environmental aggressors and water loss. Allowing your lashes to be well moisturized and hydrated to prevent extreme dryness which results in fallouts. Thus, saving your eyelashes from getting easily damaged and unwanted future sparsing. Moreover, butylene glycol also provides an additional layer of softness and helps to improve your lashes texture as well as keeping unruly ones at bay.  

  • Woad Leaf Extract
    Also known as Isatis tinctoria is a flowering plant packed with multiple beneficial nutrients and moisturizing properties. It has been used for multiple eyelashes products since way back as a great multipurpose growth activator ingredient. This fine extract penetrates deeply into your lashes and gives them ample nutrients to stimulate a faster and longer eyelashes growth production. It even reinforced already damaged lash and brought the best out of them to avoid unnecessary fallouts. In addition, wood leaf extract can even moisturize each lash stand and deliver a gorgeous fuller appearance and nice sheens.  

  • Oligopeptide Extract
    Consist of an active anti-inflammatory capability that blocks off different lash causing fallout stressors. It also boosts a healthy blood circulation which assists in nourishing and improving hair production to stimulate a stronger hair growth. This oligopeptide does not only act as an amazing growth stimulator, but it also repairs thin, weakened lashes. It allows them to adopt an even stronger hold and be more resilient to breakage to avoid shedding. Furthermore, it creates a fine, healthy-looking texture to promote a naturally volumized appearance that everyone would envy. 

    Check Out Kathryn’s 8 Week Progress To That Sky-High, Voluminous Lashes:

    I’m a fan of faux eyelashes so even when there are special occasions or not I always wear one to hide and fake my thin and awfully short ones. But the more I use it the more fallouts I get with little to no growth which has really concerned me. After much research online on some possible products to treat my sparsing, short eyelashes, I’ve come across this well-reviewed rapid eyelash growth serum. I’m so pleased by the results and how fast it only takes for my lashes to get longer and volumized! I’m actually not one to leave a review, but I was so amazed with this product that I can't help but to share my progress. And hope that it’ll help those who are still looking for a low-price, yet highly effective eyelash growth treatment! 

    Kathryn Anderson, 36, Philadelphia, USA  ★★★★★

    Week 1:

    For my first week of use, I’m really amazed that in only like 4 or 5 days and there have already been significant growths sprouting in nicely. My existing eyelashes are also starting to grow longer and noticeably stronger. I also love how easy to use this serum is! It is packed in a mascara-like container so I can apply it evenly to the root of my eyelashes up to the tips just like applying regular mascara. 

    Week 4:

    In a couple of few more weeks the growth and thickness of my eyelashes were now much noticeable. It looks so good already and perfectly fills in even with just a few weeks of continuous nightly application. The serious lashes fallouts had also subsided so well that I only naturally shed 1 to 3 lashes a day now! So far, I also haven’t experienced any negative side effects like swelling, further fallouts, or irritations even for my sensitive skin which is a great plus. 

    Week 8:

    This formula has helped me so so much that I actually can’t imagine life without it now! My eyelashes are looking so thicker, longer, and overall stronger than ever. It even feels so well moisturized and delivers a healthy, beautiful shine. I actually don’t use fake eyelashes anymore as I don’t need them with how fly my eyelashes are now. I even get countless praises for it and even asked what my secret is! Up until now I am still blown away with how my lashes have grown so much in just 8 weeks. The results are really crazy and I highly recommend it to everyone if you are trying to grow your lashes! 

    Highlighting Benefits:

    • Visibly delivers a long, healthy lush lashes in 8 weeks
    • Successfully increases 5X lash volume 
    • Activates resting lash hair root and woke them up to a longer anagen stage
    • Smoothes and softens lash texture for a beautifully full flutter
    • Strongly nourish existing lash and restore already damaged one to prevent further shedding
    • Promotes an improved blood circulation to encourage a faster, stronger lash growth and regrowth
    • Moisturizes each lash strand from root to tip for proper hydration and protection
    • Leaves the eyelashes with stunning, healthy sheen
    • Blended with safe, active lash-boosting ingredients that’s suitable for all
    • Stored in an easy-to-use package for an even and mess-free application
    • Applicable for treating thinning eyebrows and balding hairline    


    • Key ingredients:   Butylene Glycol, Woad Leaf Extract, Oligopeptide Extract
    • Net weight: 3ml
    • Shelf year: 3yrs


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