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Lancuci™ Magnetisch Lengthening Thick Eyelash

Lancuci™ Magnetisch Lengthening Thick Eyelash

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You no longer require adhesive. It's a magnetic set of eyelashes that you can apply in a matter of seconds to give yourself very lovely eyelashes.

Wear Quickly. Created magnetic eyelash clip skilfully, you can rapidly apply them in a few seconds, saving your makeup time and giving the same impression as wearing regular eyelashes.

Natural Appearing Made of luxurious synthetic strands that provide lush eyelashes, powerful magnetic forces ensure that they are positioned properly without the use of sticky glues or adhesives, and they enhance the attractiveness of your eyes.

Comfort usage. You won't need glue to hold the eyelashes in place, which will help you feel more at ease and natural after applying the eyelashes and relieve your anxiety over the glue issue.

Our eyelashes are reusable if they are applied correctly. After usage, wipe away any residue makeup or other substances with a wet towelette.

How to use

1. Place the upper eyelashes on top of the natural eyelashes so that the outer edge is aligned with the edge of the natural eyelashes.

2. Leave the upper eyelashes in place and pick up the lower eyelashes.

3. Place the lower eyelashes under the natural eyelashes and connect them with the magnet of the upper eyelashes.


Natural thick lashes

Soft and comfy to wear


Easy to take on and off


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