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LazyLacey No-Tie Shoelaces (Set of 16)

LazyLacey No-Tie Shoelaces (Set of 16)

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Suffering from the shoelaces loosing & re-tying loop?

LazyLacey No-Tie Shoelaces turn shoes into slip-ons so you never have to tie your sneakers again. The elastic silicone ensures a consistent snug fit throughout your day and during your workouts! The laces can be used on almost any type of shoes

Designed to make your sneakers insanely comfortable slip-ons that always stay in place. It provides an easy-to-use, comfortable and stylish addition to any shoe.

They are easy to clean with a simple wipe. It makes life easier for kids, adults, disabled, elderly, and ones with special needs.

Maximize the comfort and boost the style of your shoes!
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  • Convenient To Wear
    By turning your shoes into a slip-on, you can wear your shoes in one second without trying. The shoelaces will never come off and it is great for workouts or other activities.

  • Easy To Use
    The shoelaces are easy to put on to any kind of shoes with just one click to place them. You can finish in just a minute.

  • Stretchable
    The shoelaces are made of elastic silicone which they are perfectly fit all kinds of shoes

  • Great For Kids
    Time and effort can be saved
     for young kids to avoid the pain of tying shoelaces. It can also lower the chance of stumbling.
  • Simple Cleaning
    It just requires a simple wipe to clean the shoelaces from time to time. It is made of silicone which is water-proof and allows quick dry
  • Stylish Look
    There are many colorful shoelaces that you can choose from, let's mix and match to create your own style and make a pair of stylish shoes!

Product details:

  • Package Size: 10 x 10 x 1 cm 
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Black/White/Gray/Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Sky Blue/Green/Purple/Pink/Brown/Multi-Color

Package includes:

  •  1 Set x LazyLacey No-Tie Shoelaces (16 PCS)

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