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Glamorous Easy Eyeliner Kit

Glamorous Easy Eyeliner Kit

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Draw on perfect eyeliner effortlessly with this easy-to-hold tool!

No more struggle of creating even eyeliners because this tool will let you nail the stunning winged liner in no time! The easy-to-hold handle steadies the hand when drawing eyeliners, while the innovative flat tip ensures a perfectly blended, filled eyeliner within a minute! Made with soft, flexible materials that allow the tip draw on inner corner and under-eye eyeliners smoothly, it is easy to control and designed to achieve multiple eyes looks including classic winged eyeliner, on-trend fox eye, playful lines, and more!


  • Effortless Perfect Eyeliner
    No more struggles of drawing crisp, even eyeliners! This guide wand will let you achieve sexy winged liner in seconds with zero mistakes.
  • No More Shaky Hands
    Steadies your hand to draw on smooth, perfectly filled eyeliner in just a minute!
  • Great for Beginners, Time-Saving
    Saves you time fixing uneven liners and turns a complicated makeup process into seconds!
  • Fit All Eye Shapes
    Made with soft, flexible materials that allow the flat tip fills and blends out the eyeliner gel flawlessly
  • Versatile Eyeliner Looks
    Effortlessly create half-cut creases, natural creases, winged creases,s and more with zero mistakes.
  • Easy-to-Hold Handle
    Designed for flawless, easy application for all beauty lovers.


  • Eyeliner Gel Color: Black / Brown


    • 1 x Glamorous Easy Eyeliner Kit
    • Or 1 x Glamorous Easy Eyeliner Kit + 1 x Eyeliner Gel
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