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Deluxe One-Press Probrows Stamp Set

Deluxe One-Press Probrows Stamp Set

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Get that beautifully thickened defined arches in no time only with this one-press perfect eyebrows stamping!

An ultimate beauty craze that lets you neatly fill in and evenly shape up your eyebrows in one go with just a quick, simple stamping! Allowing you to transform your dull, sparsing brows into gorgeously defined, natural-looking clean arches anytime. No need to painstakingly ‘draw’ and blend anymore with the use of traditional pencils, powders, and gels. This pro brow stamp delivers an ideal lightweight finish to give you the perfect thickened lush look without feeling like you're wearing much. Available in 3 natural looking hues and 3 brow stamp shapes, including straight, curved and arched brow to meet your preferred needs. 

This one-press perfect brow shaping adopts an exceptional staying power and waterproof performance. It can impressively hold out against rain, sweat, water, and unwanted splashes all throughout the day without smudging or fading. Providing you a coveted high-polished shaped arches even on the hottest of summer, rainiest season, and other environmental conditions. The eyebrow stamp comes in a handy size that can fit through bags, pouches, and makeup kits without taking up space. A great go-to beauty tool to create gorgeous brows in no time even when you're out for  travels, business trips, vacations, dates, parties, night out, and so on.   

Flawlessly fill and shape your brows hassle-free using this one-press perfect eyebrows stamping! 


  • Easy-Press Brow Stamping
    A complete premium brow shaping set that comes with one left brow stamp, one right brow stamp, and a pot of colored brow powder. It offers a unique one-press application that enables you to easily fill and shape your sparse or dull-looking eyebrows neatly in a sec! Turning your eyebrows into gorgeously defined and highlighted clean arches that would surely make even professional makeup artists amazed. Saving you from the painstaking process of drawing in and blending brows with the traditional pencils, powders, and gels. Suitable for beginners, makeup enthusiasts, professionals, salon, and those who are always on a time crunch.

  • Long Wearing Performance
    This eyebrow stamp has excellent waterproof qualities that can hold out through rain, sweat, water, and unwanted splashes without retouching needed. Preventing any messy smudging, fading, or awkward transferring when you accidentally rub or wipe. Allowing you to enjoy your polished, shaped eyebrow look all day long even on the sweatiest or rainiest of days.   

  • Super Natural Effect
    The easy-press brow stamp is blended to create the ultimate natural-looking and neatly shaped lush finish effect at all times. It is also highly lightweight and blendable that you can even apply it multiple times without any stickiness or the feeling of wearing heavy makeup on. Available in 3 natural looking hues to choose from, including caramel, chocolate and charcoal. It even has straight, curved and arched brow stamp selection so you can pick for the perfect brow shape that would fit your natural ones.

  • Fuss-Free Touch Up Anywhere
    This pro brow stamp is designed in a convenient mini, compact size to give you maximum portability. It can be tote inside your bags, pouches, makeup kits, and such without taking up much space. Making it a great go-to brow stamping tool to give you flawless arches or even retouches anytime, anywhere in only seconds. No need to bring your bulky cosmetics anymore during travels, business trips, vacations, dates, parties, night out, and more possibilities.

  • Premium Formulation
    Made with high-quality, skin-friendly blended ingredients that can fill and ‘color’ through your brows with great ease. It is completely odorless and non-toxic so it can be used daily without sacrificing the user’s safety and health. Suitable for all skin-types, including normal, oily, dry, combination, and even those with super sensitive skin. Furthermore, this brow stamp can be easily removed with your regular makeup oil or makeup remover products.  
  • Weight: 6g 
  • 1 x Deluxe One-Press Probrows Stamp Set

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