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Deluxe Eyelash Clump Filter Comb

Deluxe Eyelash Clump Filter Comb

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Achieve that dreamy doll-like lashes with just a brush of this magic eyelash comb separator wand!

This makeup lash comb provides a fine row of metal teeth that gently brushes and untangles lash strands with optimal results. It also helps in catching all miniscule buildups, flakes, and excess dried mascara to successfully separate clumpy lashes. Delivering you with a naturally voluminous-looking, curled up eyelashes and a professional-like cleaned eye makeup. This ultimate lash comb is applicable for different eyelash length and extensions, including synthetic, silk and mink. Step up your lash game by simply aligning the comb to your lashes and brush it upward and you're good to go. You can use it before or after curling and applying mascara.  

The eyelash comb features a curved design that perfectly aligns to the contour of your eye for maximum brushing performance. It is also conveniently lightweight to give off greater control and comfort at all times. This lash wand comes with a transparent cap that protects the comb teeth from dust, dirt, and other air particles when not in use. It can fit neatly through beauty kits and pouches without taking up much space for better portability. Made with durable plastic and metal materials that can withstand years of daily usage without wearing-off.  

Never let those stiffened excess mascara stay on your lashes anymore using this magic eyelash comb separator wand!


  • Unique Eyelash Comb
    A multi-purpose beauty lash brush featuring fine metal rows of teeth with 8mm distance that glides smoothly and evenly through the lashes. Allowing it to effortlessly brush and detangles your eyelashes to perfectly maintain their nice-looking curls. Additionally, this lash comb also works as an excellent tool to remove product buildup as well as extra mascara to separate clumpy eyelashes. Providing you a much more volumized and lifted fluttery lashes and cleaned eye makeup finish with just a simple brush. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    This magic lash comb is designed with a uniquely shaped curved tip that fits expertly to the contours of your eye. It enables you to brush with great ease and speed without the need to awkwardly twist and angle your hand anymore. Moreover, the eyelash comb is conveniently lightweight and it comes with a non-slip, lengthened handle. It can be gripped easily and securely anytime to give the user’s needed optimized control and comfort. Simply align first the comb to the root of your lashes then gently brush upward to the tips for a flawless, curled lashes look. You can use it before or after curling and applying mascara.

  • Cap Attachment
    The lash separator wand offers a handy translucent cap head that can be easily attached and removed anytime. It lets you keep the comb metal teeth clean and protected from dust, dirt, and other air particles when not in use. Saving your eyes and lashes from irritations, itchiness, and other possible harm. No worries as this eyelash comb can be also cleaned using wipes or rinsed with water to remove residues and prevent bacterial buildups.

  • Highly Portable
    This eyelash comb is light and it comes in a mini, slim size for a better and easier storing and carrying. It can fit neatly inside backpacks, totes, makeup kits, pouches, and such without taking up much space. Allowing you to have those neat, lustrous curls anytime, anywhere you are. Perfect for daily retouching or when you're out for work, dates, travels, vacations, business trips, and more possibilities.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality plastic handle and finely polished metal comb material with exceptional durability and optimal results. It successfully brushes through the lashes without harmful pulling, breaking, or causing fallouts. Moreover, this lash comb can withstand daily brushing for years without rusting or wearing-off.  
  • Material: ABS, 304 stainless steel
  • Size: 136 x 26 mm
  • 1 x Deluxe Eyelash Clump Filter Comb

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