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AcuppCobble™ Lymphatic Two Way Massage Foot Pad

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Relieve soreness, and fatigue and reduce fats using the AcuppCobble™ Foot Pad


Paula finally found the best solution to her Edema. A big thanks to AcuppCobble™ Lymphatic Two Way Massage Foot Pad!

They are great for relaxing tense, tired muscles in your feet. Things to understand is that these foot pad are therapeutic in nature and also helps with the fats and inflammation on legs, which is the issue I have with my body. I can see it so it really bothers me. I’m please with the visible results so far. I have been using this product almost everyday and I definitely see a decrease in the appearance of fats and sagging in my legs/ thighs.

Paula Griffin

Proven Benefits

Reflexology Shoe Inserts

Designed to alleviate foot pain and stress caused by fatigue using acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology therapy. Your feet will feel extra relaxed after using this foot massage insole.

  • On-the-Go Massager 
    Feel a relaxing massage anywhere you go. An acupuncture insole that fits most shoes.

  • Pain Relief
    Eliminates foot fatigue and muscle tension.

  • Stimulate Blood Circulation
    Improves blood circulation, and supplies nutrients, and oxygen.

  • Slimming Effect
    Helps enhance metabolism, promotes thigh slimming, and reduces leg inflammation.

  • Detox Therapy
    Soothes foot pain due to arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and other ailments.

Cobblestones Therapy

This foot massager mat has rounded massage points in the foot. It massages without making your feet overly stimulated by reflexology shoes. Made with cobblestones, promoting blood circulation, relieves stress, prevents leg cramps, and improves metabolism.

Customer Reviews

TRIMMABLE: Adjust According to the Exact Size

1. Remove the original insole of your shoes.
2. Cut the AcuppCobble™ Foot Pad according to the size of the shoes.
3. Put the foot pad inside the shoes. 
4. Use both the cobblestone side or flat cotton side, depending on your needs.


Material: Cobblestones, Cotton

1) Women US shoe size 5-9 (22-26cm)
2) Men US shoe size 8-11.5 (26-29cm)

Package Includes

1 Pair x AcuppCobble™ Lymphatic Two Way Massage Foot Pad

AcuppCobble™ Lymphatic Two Way Massage Foot Pad