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BlueZoo® Painless Waxing Beans

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Before introducing BlueZoo® Painless Waxing Beans let's see what his lovers have to say!

I had previously asked for this chamomile wax and it seemed super good, this time the pearls came from a different more bluish color and that is why I wait to use it to know that it works the same. It is very good, it follows easily and all the hairs of a pull... It is the better that I have had so far. I recommend it 100% 

-Graciela Rivera, Toronto, Canada

100% natural ingredients:

Our premium low melting point BlueZoo® Painless Waxing Beans are produced using a blend of high quality which removes all the unwanted hair for a long time and moisturizes your skin.

  • 1. Beeswax (33%)
  • 2. Purple Lavender Essential Oil/ Pink Rose Oil/ Green Tea (21%)
  • 3. Nourishing Coconut Oil For Moisturizing Skin (37%)
  • 4. High-quality raises (9%)

Important Roles of BlueZoo® Painless Waxing Beans:

BlueZoo® Painless Waxing Beans were created to be loved by all types of skin & hair. Providing exceptional results across the entire body, but it's not all about removing the hair! it's also about what our wax leaves behind - healthy and silky smooth skin.

  • Remove hair easily & with less also in a single pass! 
  • Removes Wrinkles from the face and other areas.
  • Removes tags, acne, and red/black spot from face and body.
  • Always gentle on skin & tough on hair
  • Perfect for sensitive skin and intimate areas
  • Remove hairs as short as 1mm
  • Wax with precision - no strips needed
  • Pliable, non-brittle, & stays flexible 

How to use:

  • 1. Put the Hard Wax Beans into the Wax Heater
  • 2. Clean the skin, check the direction of hair growth
  • 3. Temperature suitability test.
  • 4. Apply a thin layer of wax along the direction of the hair growth.
  • 5. After about 20 seconds, use the wax stick to start the end of the wax.
  • 6. Quickly pull up wax along the direction of hair growth
  • 7. Nursing care of the hair removal site with professional care, to inhibit the growth of hair


Types of waxing beans

  • Green Tea Wax Beans
  • Purple Lavender Wax Beans
  • Pink rose wax beans

Package Includes

  • 1 box BlueZoo® Painless Waxing Beans (100gm)
  • 1 wax warmer 
  • Full Kit {1 Wax Warmer + 3 different types of BlueZoo® Painless Waxing Beans +

    10pcs Waxing Sticks  }

BlueZoo® Painless Waxing Beans