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FOOTFIX 12 Herbal Foot Detoxing Soak

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Have healthy life in a natural way! It helps cleanse and detoxifies your body!

The FOOTFIX™ 12 Herbal Foot Detoxing Soak helps reduce swelling, as well as any pain or stiffness. Reduce away elephant legs & flabby body fat. Effectively improve blood circulation and make legs slimmer. Purifies the body from harmful and foreign elements. This improved blood flow can also speed up a clearance from the body.

Louise Seaton of age 36 submitted this photo on her journey with FOOTFIX™ 12 Herbal Foot Detoxing Soak after using it for 2 Weeks. Congrats on the success!

“This Foot Detoxing Soak works and it works better than the prescription ointment my doctor gave me!! I’m so surprised at how well this Foot Detoxing Soak has been working for me. I’ve had a swollen left foot for months because of standing for too long at work and it has completely cured it and are looking so much better. I’ve been using on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day. I will continue purchasing this product.”

Louise Seaton

Atlanta, Georgia

What makes FOOTFIX™ 12 Herbal Foot Detoxing Soak special:

  • Activates cells and relieves fatigue, stiffness and swelling.

  • Promotes blood circulation and detoxifies impurities in your body.

  • Makes your body healthier and relaxed.

  • Exfoliates and improves smoother skin.

  • Made of natural organic ingredients for any skin types.

  • Easy to use and fast results.



After Constant Application. Expect fast visible results after 2 weeks of frequent application.

Here are some of our happy customers:

“I have been using this Foot Detoxing Soak for a week now and can already tell a huge difference. I couldn't move freely after the surgery, so I decided to foot bath daily to help me get rid of the sweat. Taking just one 20-minute foot bath per day helped me get my body where I really felt comfortable. I bought two more packs because I know this is going to be something that I don't want to run out of. “- Tiffanie Edwards

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“Never used any sort of soak before but will say this Foot Detoxing Soak is really good. I like the fact it's all natural ingredients and has a really good scent. Totally amazed at how I've been able to keep the weight off without surgery or exhausting workout! I decided to take a photo at week 12 of usage and found out I have visible sized down so much. Got rid of 12lbs so far and hope to have more comng.“- Jamie Sabastian

Updates in Varicose Vein Treatment - Department of Surgery“ Veins are hereditary in my family so I wanted to avoid them more than anything. I tried different brand before but I came back to FOOTFIX™  and used it consistently for about 1 years now. My veins are almost gone after 3 months but I decided just to stick with it. I use it once daily after showering and if used two times a day if I have a long day or on my feet for a long time. Anyway, this stuff does work if you’re consistent and a long time user. I hope that helps anyone on the fence. “- Natalia Martin

Consist of 12 Key Ingredients For Detoxing:

12 Herbal Essence Combo Extracted By 7-Hour Refining. All the active ingredients have been extracted through the 3 stages of cooking and an even strength results from combining the liquid from each stage.


1. Prepare a bucket of water at 30-45C (86 113F).

2. Pour the foot soak into the water.

3. Ideally enjoy for 15-20 mins.

4. Dry feet when done. Best to be used before sleep or when having painful legs.

5. Recommended to use daily to get the best results.

Check out these real customers feedback. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Ingredients: Saffron, Qi Ai, Morinda, Evodia, Shujincao, Salvia, Cnidium, Lemongrass, Guizhi, Turmeric, Tremella and Sunburned Gardenia

Shelf Life: 3 Years


FOOTFIX™ 12 Herbal Foot Detoxing Soak ( 40ml*12pcs / Pack )

FOOTFIX 12 Herbal Foot Detoxing Soak