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Dermaplaning Sustainable Exfoliation Tool

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It's easier than ever to give yourself a dermaplane facial at home to rejuvenate your skin. The process is incredibly low-key and convenient using our dermatology-grade blades made of stainless steel.


Let's see What Our customers have to say after using the Dermaplaning Sustainable Exfoliation Tool.

"Love these. As I got older I noticed the thick peach fuzz. I hated it! I hesitated to use this product worried that the hair would come in coarse, but I was wrong. My aesthetician assured me that fine hair-like peach fuzz would only grow back as fine hair...the very same. I did my research over the internet and the info was the same. Now I can say that I happily use it and have a smooth, peach-fuzz-free face. And the best news is that the hair takes many, many weeks to grow back." Martin Payne, California

PAMPER YOURSELF WITH SALON-GRADE TOOLS: Our Dermaplaning Sustainable Exfoliation Tool comes with premium anti-cutting protective Japanese blades, which are especially shard and safe at the same time. Now you can forget nasty cuts.

KEEP YOUR Dermaplaning Sustainable Exfoliation Tool CLEAN & SAFE: The removable blades of our Dermaplaning Sustainable Exfoliation Tool for women set make them easy to clean under running water. Having disposable blades, our Dermaplaning Sustainable Exfoliation Tool stays hygienic so you shape your brows with confidence.

DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR EYEBROW KIT: Our small face shavers are lightweight so you can take them everywhere with you. You can keep your face razors for women safely in your bag thanks to their protective dustproof cover.

TAKE THE FUSS OUT OF SHAVING: Designed with an ergonomic, anti-slip handle, Dermaplaning Sustainable Exfoliation Tool is extremely convenient and easy to use. Now you can enjoy a beauty salon-grade experience at home with our eyebrow razors for women.


  • You can use skincare when shaving your face, usually nourishing facial oils and serums to help the razor glide across the skin with ease. 
  • Hold the dermaplaner blade at a 45-degree angle and gently brush down the skin in the same direction of hair growth.
  • Avoid going over the same area multiple times as this will only increase the risk of compromising the skin barrier or causing irritation
  • Do not dermaplane directly over acne or irritated skin. Repeat every 3/4 weeks or once skin cell rejuvenation has been completed.

Package Includes: 

  • 3 x Dermaplaning Sustainable Exfoliation Tool (Random Color)
Dermaplaning Sustainable Exfoliation Tool