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ColoReal™ 1-step Hair Dye Comb Cream

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Bring that professional-level hair-coloring results at the comfort of your home with this ColoReal™ 1-step Hair Dye Comb Cream!

ColoReal™ 1-step Hair Dye Comb Cream is specially formulated to safely and effectively cover grey, white and black hairs. With the convenience of an all-in-one comb & cream application, allowing you to reach deeply, evenly and mess-free from root to tips with more accuracy and ease for that stunning, evenly colored hair. What’s more? This hair dye comes with a precise mix of high-pigment coloring and deep-conditioning formula which nourishes both scalp and locks. It helps to keep your tresses supple and overall healthy even after dyeing it with intense shade. Simply apply the color cream just like how you regularly brush, repeat until all tresses are fully dyed, then wait for 25-35 minutes before rinsing, and done!   

This hair coloring comb has a special permanent formulation that leaves your hair flawlessly vibrant for multiple weeks. Preventing your locks from fading out, brassiness, or turning yellow even with little to no hair color maintenance. Available in different gorgeous shade selections, including perfect black, charcoal black, dark cocoa brown, light brown, auburn, copper brown, ash green, ash blonde, lavender, and wine red. No worries as the comb hair dyeing cream is formulated with premium, natural ingredients suitable for all hair types.  

Spice up your dull-looking locks with a delicious color blend in just a few brushes and use this comb coloring hair dye!


  • Comb+Cream 2-in-1 Design 
    A smart combination of intensity-enhancing color cream and a handy comb applicator that takes the hassle out of hair dyeing
    . Allowing you to efficiently kiss your tresses with the perfect shade totally mess-free with each brush. Moreover, it also works to keep your locks impressively smoother, knot-free, and overall healthy thanks to its combing process. No worries as the built-in brush releases a proper amount of dye and provides more accuracy of placement that reaches deeply from roots to tips. Delivering you that stunning, evenly colored hair without the need to run to a professional salon. 
  • Easy to Use 
    Features a non-slip, ergonomic design to give that maximum gripping and maneuverability. Additionally, the hair dye comes in a pre-mixed formulation which lets you dye your locks without any more blending or harmful bleaching. Simply squeeze the tube body first to release the color cream onto the comb, then apply it directly on the hair by brushing on top of the head to the bottom. Just repeat from combing until all the tresses are fully dyed, wait for at least 25-35 minutes before washing, and done. No need for extra brushes and multiple mixing bowls needed anymore!

  • Long-Lasting Color Effect
    Adopts a fine richness and consistency with an advanced color boost that penetrates deep on each strand. It allows the color formula to hold for longer on the locks with just minor fading after washes. Preventing unpleasant yellowing, brassiness, and uneven colored patches. Saving you from the need of constant hair dyeing and struggle of maintenance. Providing you that fancy, high-impact shade for at least 8 weeks or more.
  • Natural Hair-friendly Ingredients
    Supplies natural, hair-loving herbal ingredients with a special, deep-conditioning solution. It can effectively deposit a nice blend of high pigmented hue while simultaneously nourishing the scalp and tresses. Making your locks much more supple, smoother, and healthy-looking even after dyeing unlike with other products. You can even use it multiple times in a year without leaving your hair frizzy, dry out, or worse shedding. Furthermore, this hair coloring cream does not emit dreadful chemical odor to ensure a safe and fuss-free hair dyeing experience.
  • Multiple High-Pigmented Shades
    Comes in ranges of stunning shade selections that would surely flatter any hair styles and skin color. Available in perfect black, charcoal black, dark cocoa brown, light brown, auburn, copper brown, ash green, ash blonde, lavender, and wine red. No worries as this hair comb coloring is applicable for any hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and coily tresses.  


  • Net content:500ml
  • Shelf year: 3years
  • Color: Perfect black, Charcoal black, Dark cocoa brown, Light brown, Auburn, Copper brown, Ash green, Ash blonde, Wine red


  • 1 x ColoReal™ 1-step Hair Dye Comb Cream

ColoReal™ 1-step Hair Dye Comb Cream