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GFOUK™ RootBoost Nutrient Powder

GFOUK™ RootBoost Nutrient Powder

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"Being a passionate fruit grower, I've always been eager to see my plants thrive and produce delicious fruits. However, I've often found myself frustrated by the slow growth caused by unfavorable weather conditions. After incorporating the RootBoost Nutrient Powder into my gardening routine, my strawberry plants have undergone a remarkable transformation. They are growing faster than ever before, and the health of the plants is simply outstanding!" - Leah Marchand - 36 years old

"I'm amazed by the incredible turnaround I've witnessed in my once lifeless plant since using the Nutrient Powder. It was disheartening to see one of my favorites struggling and losing its vitality. However, after giving it a dose of RootBoost, the results were nothing short of miraculous. Within a short time, my plant not only regained its vigor but thrived with newfound health. The leaves now boast a vibrant, brilliant colour that catches everyone's eye." Carlie Vincent - 42 years old

The meticulously formulated of the GFOUK™ RootBoost Nutrient Powder is specifically designed to provide your plants with the perfect blend of essential nutrients, enabling robust and flourishing root development. It ensures that your plants receive all the necessary elements to establish a solid foundation, facilitating optimal nutrient absorption and water uptake.

Shorten the Plants' Growth Period

This powerful formula is designed to revolutionize plant growth by significantly shortening the growth period. Experience the thrill of witnessing your plants reach maturity faster than ever before. Grow visibly healthier plants in just 1 week, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor sooner.

Unleash the Power of Potent Ingredients

• Nitrogen (N): essential nutrient for plant growth, It promotes leaf and stem development.
• Phosphorus (P): is crucial for root development, flowering, and fruiting. It is commonly provided as phosphate compounds.
• Potassium (K): aids in overall plant health, stress tolerance, and fruit development.
• Micronutrients: include essential trace elements like iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), molybdenum, and boron (B), among others.
• Vitamins and Enzymes: contain vitamins B complex, and enzymes that can facilitate metabolic processes in plants.

Perfect For All Plants! 

This powder works for all plants! Use our powder to strengthen the root growth of your plants, whether it’s orchid, succulents, or even vegetables!

What Makes The GFOUK™ RootBoost Nutrient Powder SPECIAL?

✅ Provide Perfect Blend Of Essential Nutrients
✅ Rapid Rooting & Strong Seeding

✅ Facilitating Nutrient Absorption
✅ Perfect For All Kind Of Plants
✅ Organic Compounds
✅ Maintain Integrity Of Plant Growth
✅ Versatile Suitability
✅ Simple Application

Here are some of our Happy Customers:


"This robust root system has helped my plants become more resistant to environmental stressors and diseases, contributing to their long-term vitality." - Alaia Tolbert - 40 years old

"The GFOUK™ RootBoost Nutrient Powder has an exceptional ability to accelerate the fast and healthy growth of my home-grown onions. I was astounded by the rapid response of my onion plants to this nutrient powder. In just a few weeks of application, I witnessed a remarkable improvement in their growth rate. The onions sprouted new leaves, developed stronger stems, and exhibited an overall more robust and vigorous appearance." - Adella Jackman - 39 years old

Usage Direction

Use Dry Or Wet! Grow stronger and healthier roots for both your pot plants and aquatic plants! Simply add a spoonful of our water-soluble powder to your plant’s water or soil for a quick, visible result!


Ingredients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum, Boron, Vitamins and Enzymes.
Weight: 30g

Package Includes

2 pcs - GFOUK™ RootBoost Nutrient Powder 

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